Voyageur Council
That’s right… we’ll get you there!

Party Date

Saturday June 1st
10am to 4pm

Registration Extended!

Register by March 28th! We appreciate your reaching out to us with your concerns over the March Break deadline, and the difficulty in getting parents to confirm.  We’ve worked with the national team, and we have some great news – we’re able to extend...

Registration subsidies

We want everyone in Voyageur Council to be able to attend; in addition to your ability to apply for the No One Left Behind fund, we will be setting 2.5% of our registration fees to an event subsidy, if we get more than 200 registrants!  Now, a few caveats… It...

Swag for parents/guardians!

 Firstly, please ignore the “Scouter (no swag bag or merch)” option when registering!  We can’t edit our options since we already have some registrations. Some parents have been asking for swag, to which we say… that’s great! Parents who...