Voyageur Council
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Party Date

Saturday June 1st
10am to 4pm

OOS Camping

This is exciting! If you or your senior section would like to not only help with the event, but also camp before and/or after the weekend… then read on!

Please note that any senior sections camping will need to be self suficient; that means doing your own ERP and AAF approvals, bring your own gear, and your own food.

Key Details


There will be no cost for camping; we’re happy to offer this in appreciation for your assistance!

However, all attendees will need to pay the $23/person OOS fee to be able to attend. Note that DoubleKnot charges a convenience fee of 3% + $2.00 on the subtotal.

Getting There

You’ll be asked to make your own way to the site, and handle your own gear transportation.

Vehicles can be parked near your site, however we ask that they don’t move during the event on Saturday.

Food & Drinks

Attendees are responsible for their own food; we’ll have water refill options!


Each section camping will be responsible for themselves; that includes your emergency plan, AAF, food, first aid, ratio, etc. We are simply providing a place of land.


We’d appreciate help setting up on Friday… so the earlier you can arrive the better! However, we’re happy to be flexible knowing that people are coming from school/work. Departures can be any time on Sunday.


Youth will participate in fun-filled activities, which our team is hard at work planning!  We will do our best to ensure we accomodate all attendees, and adjust for weather and any needs youth may have.


Camping will be on the back field at Beckwith Recreation Complex, 1319 Beckwith 9th Line.


Right now we’re working on getting our signup/DoubleKnot page up, so please fill in the form below with your interest.

This way, we’ll work directly with you to ensure you have all the information you need, and help you to shape an amazing weekend!

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