Voyageur Council
That’s right… we’ll get you there!

Party Date

Saturday June 1st
10am to 4pm

Event Pricing

Let's Break it Down....

We heard you, when you asked for a few options to make the event more affordable for Scouters, parents, and OOS.

Let’s break down the pricing for the each participant.

DoubleKnot Convenience Fee

We’ve mentioned this is our newsletters and in the How to Register section, but it bears repeating…

DoubleKnot registrations do not involve HST, but they do add a 3% convenience charge to the subtotal, plus $2 per transaction.  So for a $50 registration, the total you’ll need to pay will be $51.50 to cover the 3% surcharge, although that still leaves the $2 per transaction.

Make sure you plan for that either in your participant fee, fundraising, or group coverage.


One Price for Beavers

This whole event is for Beavers, so we have a single price for them!

It wouldn’t be fair to offer some Beavers swag, crests, and t-shirts in a Colony and not give them to all of them, so there are no options for them.


Two Options

We have two options for Scouters, depending on if you want our swag option or not!  Our base fee which includes all the amazing swag we’re pretty sure even Scouters want, and an option without any swag.


No swag 🙁
$35/$36.05 with fees
  • Transportation
  • An amazing day!
  • Swag bag
  • Beaver 50th t-shirt
  • Crest

Parents and Guardians

Parents and Guardians

With swag!
$50/$51.50 with fees
  • Do you have parents who want swag?  Great!
  • Please register them as a Scouter with Swag; don’t worry, we’ll sort out the number of Scouters and parents later.


If your group would like to have parents and guardians join us, they’re more than welcome!

Whether it’s for them to be able to see what their Beaver does, help out with the Colony, or if they were Beavers themselves as youth and want to celebrate the program, this is a fantastic chance for them to join with your Colony.

Please note that ensuring the proper screening is done for parents is your responsibility, as part of your AAF.