Voyageur Council
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Party Date

Saturday June 1st
10am to 4pm


You can't stay here... but...

Our birthday party is a day event; we’re not at a campground so we aren’t able to offer overnight accomodations to our Colonies.

However, we are happy to offer some options to you, if you want to go camping for the weekend around the birthday bash!

Wesley Clover Campground

15% Off!

We’re excited to offer groups the chance to camp within Ottawa, at Wesley Clover Parks!

Located just 20 minutes from downtown Ottawa, in Kanata, Wesley Clover Parks has long been a supporter of Scouting and Guiding in Canada.

Click on the campground map to view a larger version.

We’ll also offer a bus pickup at the campground for you, so if you’re a bit far from Ottawa, it’s a great option to have a great camping weekend, and a shorter bus ride to the party.

Whether it’s group sites or smaller spots, Wesley Clover will be happy to help you find the right spot for your Colony.


More Details & Booking

To discover more about the campground and to make a booking, please visit the Wesley Clover Parks website!

Book by March 15th with the50YEARS promo code

Scouts Canada Campgrounds

There are so many amazing Scouts Canada properties around Voyageur, including near the Beckwith area!

We can’t guarantee that we can provide bussing directly from/to your camp, but if we have sufficient numbers to fill up a bus… then we’re happy to look at options!