Voyageur Council
That’s right… we’ll get you there!

Party Date

Saturday June 1st
10am to 4pm

Bus Hubs

Every group has a bus hub… here are the details!

Hub And Bus Assignments

Every Colony is assigned to a particular bus hub, and bus! To make it easier, we’ve given every bus a Friends of the Forest name to look for at the pickup (if you don’t have a helper at the pickup point), or for departure. We had to go into the “extra” names for all the buses…

Colony Name Hub Bus Name
116th Nepean Eagle Colony Ottawa West Ringtail
11th Ottawa Ottawa Core Talon
17th Ottawa Southminster Colony Ottawa Core Boomer
19th Nepean Beavers Ottawa West Ringtail
1st Aylmer Beaver Colony A Aylmer Bramble
1st Aylmer Beaver Colony B Aylmer Bramble
1st Blackburn Beavers Ottawa East Bubbles
1st Brockville Brockville Hooper
1st Carp Maple Colony Ottawa West Hawkeye
1st Carp Oak Colony Ottawa West Hawkeye
1st Cobden Colony Cobden Lightning
1st Cumberland Ottawa East Sunshine
1st Deep River Petawawa Lightning
1st Gloucester Ottawa South Rainbow
1st Greenwood Ottawa East Malak
1st Merrickville Group Smith Falls Zip
1st Nepean Fallowfield Rainbow
1st North Gower Kars Fallowfield Tic Tac
1st Richmond Wesley Clover Rusty
1st Stittsville Birch Colony Ottawa West Echo
1st Stittsville Maple Colony Ottawa West Echo
1st Stittsville Sassafras Colony Ottawa West Echo
23rd Nepean Dinosaur Colony Ottawa South Acorn
23rd Nepean Eagle Colony Ottawa South Acorn
27th Nepean Colony C Ottawa South Tic Tac
2nd Almonte Colony Wesley Clover Rusty
2nd Smiths Falls Smith Falls Zip
36 Ottawa Beavers Ottawa Core Boomer
3rd Kanata Colony D Ottawa West Rusty
4th Orleans Ottawa East Bubbles
4th Petawawa Petawawa Lightning
8th Orleans Colony A Ottawa East Rascal
8th Orleans Colony B Ottawa East Rascal
8th Orleans Colony C Ottawa East Sunshine
8th Orleans Colony F Ottawa East Malak
Carleton Place N/A
Glen Cairn & Katimavik Ottawa West Hawkeye
Hog’s Back Colony A Ottawa Core Talon
Hog’s Back Scouting Ottawa Core Talon
Manotick B Colony Ottawa South Tic Tac


The event team has mad an amazing guide for you… download it to have an amazing bussing experience!


Bussing Hubs

All Colonies will be provided transportation to our Beaver 50th celebration – what better way to start the day than to have fun singing songs and making fun on the way!

You must arrive at your bussing hub together; parents are only permitted to drop off their youth with their Colony’s Scouters, not other Colonies.

There will be no late arrivals permitted; buses will depart on time. Those who miss the bus will not attend the event.

West Hub Details

Deep River / Petawawa

For our west Voyageur friends, we know your journey will start early, to get you here on time.

Pickup Location

Norman Behnke Hall (11 Norman St, Petawawa, ON K8H 1V6)


Arrive for: 7:15am
Bus departs: 7:30am

Estimated return: 5:45-6:10pm


You have the lucky opportunity to be the 2nd pickup point on the bus; once it leaves Petawawa it will continue towards Beckwith, before it arrives in Cobden.

Due to that, your timing is approximate, the bus may be a bit earlier, or later!

Pickup Location

Cobden District Public School (16 Cowley St, Cobden, ON K0J 1K0, Canada)


Arrive for: 7:55am
Bus departs: 8:00am

Estimated return: 5:15-5:30pm

South Hub Details


Our Brockville friends will have their own bus!

Pickup Location

Brockville Memorial Civic Centre (100 Magedoma Blvd, Brockville, ON K6V 7J5, Canada)


Arrive for: 8:00am
Bus departs: 8:15am

Estimated return: 5:15-5:30pm

Smith Falls

UPDATE: We’ve had to move locations, due to an event being held at our last one.

Pickup Location

Walmart Supercentre (114 Lombard St, Smiths Falls, ON K7A 5B8)


Arrive for: 8:45am
Bus departs: 9:00am

Estimated return: 4:40-4:50pm

Quebec Hub Details


Our Aylmer friends will have their own bus!

Pickup Location

Aréna Paul-et-Isabelle-Duchesnay (92 Rue du Patrimoine, Gatineau, QC J9H 3P4)


Arrive for: 8:15am
Bus departs: 8:25am

Estimated return: 5-5:15pm

Ottawa Hub Details

Ottawa West

Ottawa West Colonies will be picked up at the Kanata Centrum, near the Terry Fox Park & Ride. We suggest those leaving their cars for the day park in the Landmark Cinemas parking area.

Pickup Location

Terry Fox Park & Ride


Arrive for: 8:45am
Bus departs: 9:00am

Estimated return: 4:35-4:45pm

Wesley Clover

For groups camping at Wesley Clover, a bus will arrive early to pick you up, and then continue onto the Kanata Centrum.

Pickup Location



Arrive for: 8:20am
Bus departs: 8:30am

Estimated return: 4:45-4:55pm

Ottawa East

Ottawa East Colonies will meet at the Place d’Orléans Park & Ride.

Pickup Location

Place d’Orléans Park & Ride


Arrive for: 8:00am
Bus departs: 8:15am

Estimated return: 4:55-5:05pm

Ottawa South

Ottawa South Colonies will meet at the Fallowfield Park & Ride.

Pickup Location

Fallowfield Park & Ride


Arrive for: 8:30am
Bus departs: 8:50am

Estimated return: 4:45-4:55pm

Ottawa Core

Ottawa Core Colonies will meet at the Brookfield High School

Pickup Location

Brookfield High School (824 Brookfield Rd, Ottawa, ON K1V 6J3)


Arrive for: 8:30am
Bus departs: 8:40am

Estimated return: 4:50-5:05pm