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Party Date

Saturday June 1st
10am to 4pm

ScoutsTracker Sample Event

Don’t want to create your own ScoutsTracker event for parents, or looking for a starting point?

Well, let us help you!

We’ve created an example event with a few options for you to use, customize, completely change, or, well, completely ignore to make your own!

How to Import?

Not sure how to use this sample event? Let us walk you through the steps!

Step 1

Access ScoutsTracker

Step 2

Import the Event

Step 3

Customize Details

Step 4

Email Your Colony

Step 1 - Access ScoutsTracker

Open ScoutsTracker

Well, arguably the easiest step of the process – all you need to do is to open up the ScoutsTracker website and log into your Colony account as a Scouter.

Once you’re logged in, go an open the Schedule.

Step 2 - Import the Event

Click the Import Button

At the bottom-right corner of the page will be three different buttons, with Import in the middle…. click on it!

Copy in the Event Key

Using the event key from our event, provided below, paste it into the field.

For the schedule, use the default option, “As specified in the imported event“.

Lastly, click on “Import” to confirm.


Copy the Event

After clicking the import button, ScoutsTracker will ask if you want to Subscribe or Copy the event.

Since this is just a sample event, we recommend you COPY the event, since we won’t be making changes to ours.

This will let you personalize it for your Colony!

Step 3 - Edit the Event

Update the General Details

Firstly we’ll edit the general details of the event, updating some of the key details.

We’ve set a general event time of 9am to 4pm, but depending on your distance from the Beckwith Recreational Complex you might want to add additional padding, as an estimate.

Also, specify who your primary contact for the event will be, for your Colony to ask questions to!

Change the Description

Inside the event descroption we have a few areas you’ll want to update, to add your own customizations.

Replacement Areas
Check the description for text such as <DATE> and <METHOD> where you should add in your own registration deadline, and how you want to collect payment.

Fee Options
We’ve included two options.. do you want to incorporate the DoubleKnot fee when you collect registrations, or not?

Will you be looking at upcoming catering options, or just have your Beavers provide their own food?  Or… just wait for now?

Parents and Guardians
Will you be inviting parents and guardians?

Update the Participants Section

Now, update the DoubleKnot participant information, such as if you’re allowing guests (parents/guardians).

Add any special instructions to help registrants submit their payment, as well as the deadline for registration itself.

Remember, you must enter the final registration into DoubleKnot for march 15th, so plan accordingly.

Lastly, if you decide to make changes to the fees you should update those amounts.

Step 4 - Email Your Colony!

Announce the Beaver Birthday Bonanza!

Now that your ScoutsTracker event is ready.. well, it’s time to tell ther world!

Okay, maybe not the world, but at least your Colony.

Hopefully you already told them to save the date at the start of the year, and this email will give them the details of what they should know to sign up with your Colony!