Voyageur Council
That’s right… we’ll get you there!

Party Date

Saturday June 1st
10am to 4pm

We want everyone in Voyageur Council to be able to attend; in addition to your ability to apply for the No One Left Behind fund, we will be setting 2.5% of our registration fees to an event subsidy, if we get more than 200 registrants!

 Now, a few caveats…

  • It will be based on 2.5% of registrations… so we won’t know how much we’ll have until after March 15th
  • We can’t identify who has a need, so Colonies will need to apply individually
  • We ask that only youth who have a need for it apply… not your entire Colony
  • There is no guarantee of the amount, if any, so please be cautious in parent communications

 We don’t know how much, if any, we’ll be able to disburse, at it will depend on our registration numbers and how many apply. Due to that, you will still need to complete full registration and payment by March 15th, and in mid-April we’ll be able to let you know how much, if any, can be disbursed to you to distribute.

 If you have youth that require a subsidy that your group couldn’t support, please apply with the form below by March 16th.