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Party Date

Saturday June 1st
10am to 4pm

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Registration dates, changes, and fee details


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Transportation options, hubs, early departures

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Transportation Frequently Asked Questions

We’re sure that you have questions – so let’s try to answer them!  Take a look at the FAQ regarding transportation below.

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Why did you choose Beckwith?


The event team looked all over the council, from Scout camps, to city parks and facilities, provincial parks, and more.

We had a list of criteria required, and Beckwith checked all the boxes!

Why are you offering transportation?


Voyageur Council covers a vast area, with Colonies across the region. While some groups are closer to the event location, others are further away.

With over 1,500 potential attendees you can imagine how many cars would be arriving, the amount of time required for check-in, and parents arriving saying that they belong to the Beaver group, and are looking for Hawkeye.

Where will our transportation hub be?


During registration the Scouter will need to pick the transportation area closest to your Colony, using the tools under How to Register.

After registration closes, we'll with our transportation partners to identify exactly where in the area a transportation hub will be placed, and communicate to Colonies.

Will we be assigned to a transportation hub close to us?


Hubs will be assigned based on Colony sizes, bus and parking availability, to group them togheher.

Our goal is to ensure a hub is within a one-hour radius of you. We'll Do Our Best!

I live close, can I just drive to Beckwith?


At this time, no.

We do not plan to allow local drop-off at Beckwith, to avoid congestion and moving vehicles due to the large number of attendees.

When will buses depart? When will they arrive back at the hub?


Bus departure times will be set for everyone to arrive at the event from 9:30-10:00am.

Colonies who are further away will have an earlier departure time, and arrive back at the hub later.

We are 1-2 hours away... can we be the first to depart?


Yes! Our plan is to have a staggered departure time, with the buses that have the furthest to travel departing first.

What if a Beaver arrives late at the transportation hub?


Unfortunately we have a tight schedule, and contracts with our bussing partners. If a youth does not arrive in time to complete check-in and get on the bus, you will need to decide if you depart without them, or don't get on the bus.

This also applies to Scouters; if a Scouter does not show and they are required for you to meet ratio on your AAF, the Colony will not be permitted to board their bus.

As per the note above, you cannot then just drive to Beckwith.

X needs to arrive late / depart early due to a conflict


No exemptions to arrivals or departures will be permitted. Once the event starts no entrance or departure would be permitted.

All participants will need to stay for the full day, arriving and departing on their bus.