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Party Date

Saturday June 1st
10am to 4pm

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Registration dates, changes, and fee details


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Transportation options, hubs, early departures

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Registration Frequently Asked Questions

We’re sure that you have questions – so let’s try to answer them!  Take a look at the FAQ regarding registration below.

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When do I need to officially submit my registration in DoubleKnot?


Registrations must be submitted no later than 1700 (5pm) on Friday March 15th, 2024. This includes completing the successful payment process.

Note: This falls on the Friday of March Break for many Colonies, so please plan your registration deadlines accordingly.

Why is the deadline for registration so early?


Voyageur Council is one of the larger councils in Canada, with over 1,400 potential attendees. In order to properly plan for an amazing event, we need to secure contracts with our suppliers, transportation partners, and vendors.

We also need to properly plan for the volunteers and Offer of Services we will require.

Will you allow late registrations?


No, registration will close on March 15th. While we understand some Colonies may have additional Beavers register after that date, it's also close to the end of the "Scouting year" for many groups, and we anticipate most numbers will be stable.

Can I cancel our registration?


Yes, cancellations can be requested - per the DoubleKnot refund policy - until our registration deadline of March 15th.

After March 15th, no refunds will be permitted.

Do you need to know exactly who is coming? Can I change attendees?


No, we do not need to know the names of everyone who is coming. All we require is a breakdown of how many Beavers, Scouters, and parents will be attending with your Section.

You can change who is coming, that's part of your AAF.... just not the numbers after registering.

What does the registration fee cover?


Your registration fee covers everything required for us to run the event, such as:

  • Location rental, waste facilities, water replenishment
  • Transportation to and from the event
  • Logistics required for the event, such as those for our virtual campfire
  • Swag! T-shirts, badges, and an amazing goodie bag for the youth
  • All of the amazing activities Beavers will participate in

That's just a short list, but the event team carefully planned our budget to accomodate the event.

The registration fee is too high!


After carefully analyzing the cost of running the event (see the note about what the registration fee covers), the event time carefully created a budget based on the expenses that are required to run the event.

Unfortunately as a Scouting activity, we are not permitted to run this event at a loss.

Please check our latest news for information about applying for a subsidy.

Can Helpful Cubs attend, or other youth?


Yes... with a maybe.

As a Scouting event, you will be responsible for your own registration and having an approved AAF to be able to attend.

It's up to you and your GC if you will allow parents/guardians, Cubs, or other youth to attend with your section, however you must bring all required paperwork to check-in.