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Party Date

Saturday June 1st
10am to 4pm

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Registration dates, changes, and fee details


Who can attend, what does each participant require


Transportation options, hubs, early departures

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Arrivals, youth needs, what do we bring


Food options, section responsibilities, allergies

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Attendee Frequently Asked Questions

We’re sure that you have questions – so let’s try to answer them!  Take a look at the FAQ regarding attendees below.

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Who is able to attend?


Beavers and Scouters who are members of Scouts Canada at the time of the event on June 1st may attend with a Colony.

Parents are also allowed to attend, if your Colony decides to allow that.

What do parents require to attend?


As a Scouting event, parents will need to complete all screening and be approved on your Colony's AAF to be able to attend.

Check out our new page regarding them here.

Do I really need to bring an AAF at check-in?


YES, you are required to bring an approved AAF to check-in.

This could be through ScoutsTracker, with the QR code to verify, or a printed version with the confirmation that is has been approved.

What if we don't have an approved AAF to show at check-in?


Unfortunately your group will not be checked in, and will not be permitted to board the transportation to the event.

As an official Scouts Canada event, we must ensure that all attendees comply with our BP&P.

Can I change who the attendees are at check-in?


Yes, with two caveats.

Firstly, you cannot have more people come than you registered.

Secondly you cannot change the type of attendees. I.e. if you registered with 5 Scouters and 10 Beavers, you cannot change it to 6 Scouters and 9 Beavers.

Your AAF will list all attendees, and at check-in we will verify everyone against your AAF, and registration numbers.

Our group may need some accommodations, is that possible?


We will always do our best to ensure everyone can participate!

From our survey, we appreciate all the sections that have provided us suggestions and will do our best to put them into consideration.