Voyageur Council
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Party Date

Saturday June 1st
10am to 4pm

How to Register

Prepare your Colony

  • Read the registration information
  • Descide if you want to fundraise, request food
  • Prepare your comms (ScoutsTracker, emails)

Confirm Attendees

  • Track youth, Scouter, and parent attendance
  • What t-shirt sizes are
  • Collect fees

Register Online

  • Know your numbers of each attendee type
  • Identify your
    transportation region
  • Pay through DoubleKnot

Watch for Updates

  • Make sure you're registered for updates
  • Complete proper screening, AAF
  • Celebrate the 50th all year!

Step #3

RegisterYour Colony!

Alright!  So you’re ready to register? 

Let’s just make sure you have all of the information you need, using our handy checklist….


Contact Information

Do you know who your primary contact for the event will be? This is who we’ll be sending the details to!



Do you have your final number of Beavers, Scouters, and parents who will be attending?


Transportation Area

Have you used the map in the previous step to identify the transportation area you belong to?


T-Shirt Sizing

Do you know the number of each youth and adult t-shirt you’ll require?  You must enter it, as the numbers will be sent to our suppliers on March 16th.



Are you ready to make payment?

How do I Register?

If you’re ready to register, then we can head over to DoubleKnot to complete the process.  Just keep in mind our earlier note about the convenience fee that DoubleKnot will charge.

Step 1

Scouter Information

Step 2

Number of Participants

Step 3

T-Shirt Sizing Details

Step 4

Transportation Hub Selection

Step 5

Confirm Information

Step 6


Open our DoubleKnot Page

Firstly, open our DoubleKnot registration page in a new window!  Remember, only Colonies can register – we do not take individual registrations, other than Offers of Service.

Step 1 - Scouter Information

Scouter Information

While we don’t need the final details of which Scouters will be attending… but we do need a contact for the event, who will be doing the registration.

Enter those contact details – we’ll be reaching out to them as the contact point for your Colony!

Step 2 - Participant Numbers

How Many are Attending?

We’ll need to know the breakdown of your attenddes – by Beavers, Scouters, and Parents!

We don’t need names, that’s part of your AAF – these numbers will help us prepare the activities and swag!

Step 3 - T-Shirts

T-Shirt Sizing

The first form to complete will required you to enter all the T-Shirt sizing information you’ve collected, for youth and adults.

Enter the numerical value of each size you need!

Note – Due to DoubleKnot behaviour, you’ll still need to enter 0 for any sizes you don’t need.


Sizing Numbers

The number of t-shirt sizes you need must match up with the number of attendees you are registering.  If you put in too many t-shirts, our vendors will try to guess which sizes you actually need, and it may not match up with what you wanted!

Step 4 - Transportation

How Many are Attending?

The next form to complete is to select your transportation hub!

Remember, this is the closest area to you from the previous page, using the map provided.

Please select one location only – it doesn’t matter which grouping you select from.

Step 5 - Confirmation

This is your final step, to confirm that you entered all the details correctly!

You can go back and edit to make changes, or proceed to payment.

Step 6 - Payment


Now it’s your final step – payment!

Please provide the payment information; at this step it’ll calculate your subtotal, and also add on the 3% + $2 convenience fee we talked about earlier.

Guess What?You're allDONE!

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