Voyageur Council
That’s right… we’ll get you there!

Party Date

Saturday June 1st
10am to 4pm

How to Register

Prepare your Colony

  • Read the registration information
  • Descide if you want to fundraise, request food
  • Prepare your comms (ScoutsTracker, emails)

Confirm Attendees

  • Track youth, Scouter, and parent attendance
  • What t-shirt sizes are
  • Collect fees

Register Online

  • Know your numbers of each attendee type
  • Identify your
    transportation region
  • Pay through DoubleKnot

Watch for Updates

  • Make sure you're registered for updates
  • Complete proper screening, AAF
  • Celebrate the 50th all year!

Step #1

Prepare Your Colony!

Key Details


This event will cost $50 for each Beaver (no tax). Note that DoubleKnot charges a convenience fee of 3% + $2.00 on the subtotal, so you may want to set the cost at $51.50 per person to cover most of the fee, minus the $2 surcharge.

For pricing of other roles (Scouters, etc.) please see our Pricing page.

Getting There

Bus transportation will be provided! Based on registrations we’ll identify key transportation hubs; vehicles will not be permitted on site to avoid causing traffic and drop-off congestion.

Food & Drinks

Attendees are responsible for their own food; we’ll have water refill options!


We are currently investigating the possibility of providing a bagged lunch for attendees – keep an eye out, this will be an additional DoubleKnot later on, but will be optional.


The core of the birthday party will be from 10am to approximately 3pm.  Depending on your location, your departure time will be set to arrive in time for the event, and staggered departures after 3pm.


Youth will participate in fun-filled activities, which our team is hard at work planning!  We will do our best to ensure we accomodate all attendees, and adjust for weather and any needs youth may have.


We spent a lot of time looking for a location that would be central for all of Voyageur, and meet all of our event needs.

We appreciate Beckwith Township for hosting us!

How do I Prepare my Colony?


Review all the information available

We’re not perfect!  We’re volunteers just like you, so we’re continually adding more content, assets, and answering any questions you may have.  Join our newsletter and keep checking the website for more updates.


Plan with your Scouters

Are you looking to do any fundraising? Do you want to look at a bagged lunch option? How will you track t-shirt sizes? Do you want to charge an additional amount to cover your own food, snacks, or other items?

Have a conversation with your team about how you will approach this event!


Communicate with your Colony members

Hopefully you’ve already had then save the date earlier this year!  Provide them with the details of the event, focusing on the key details to avoid overwhelming them.

Are you going to send an email, talk at meetings, hold an information session?

Coming Soon:  Use our ScoutsTracker and Scouter assets!

Ready?Then it's Time to....Confirm Attendees